A week in the life of a volunteer – Day 2

24 February 2015

Our volunteering projects offer people the chance to get involved in daily life in a rural Kenyan community. Unlike many other volunteering schemes, our two to three week placements give you an opportunity to work on more than one project. In a series of short blogs, we describe just some of the work you could be supporting here in Kenya.

Saving lives in outreach clinics

A week in the life of a volunteerLondiani sits in the Rift Valley in a rural and remote part of Kenya, far from the nearest city, where health clinics are few and far between. Parts of the district have poor infrastructure and the unpaved roads make transport difficult. During the rainy season they often become impassable.

One of the many ways we help is by providing and supporting outreach clinics and field days, working with the local public health office to provide clinics in remote areas.

As a volunteer, you will be part of the team who will run these outreach clinics in remote locations. It provides an opportunity to work with Kenyan health teams, travel to areas you otherwise might not get to see and meet people whose way of life is so different to our own.

Volunteers also support our Field Days, working with local volunteers to reach out to villages with our mobile stand. On these days we offer information on nutrition, HIV/AIDS, dental hygiene, smokeless stoves and table banking. It’s also an opportunity to tell people about our work and provide support if they need it.

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