Barack Obama Visits Kenya

27 July 2015

President of the United States focusses on women, young people and the economy 

The whole world watched as the President of the United States visited Kenya this weekend (25/26 July 2015). Many of the subjects he talked about are issues we are all familiar with, but two key themes – business and women, are close to our hearts here at Friends of Londiani.

Barack Obama addressed the Global Entrepreneurship Summit on Saturday, announcing more than $1 billion in new commitments from the U.S. government, as well as American banks, foundations and philanthropists. Half of the money will go to support women and young people, who face bigger obstacles when trying to start businesses. Our work here in Londiani focusses on economic empowerment, supporting women to start their own businesses and become financially independent, through training, education and the right resources.

In his closing speech on Sunday, Obama talked about there being no limit to what the people of Kenya can achieve, but he also talked about traditions holding the country back, particularly the treatment of women as second class citizens. As a father of two daughters, he spoke against domestic violence, female genital mutilation and girls not being given opportunities to go to school. Obama said: “Just because something's a tradition doesn't make it right. These traditions may date back centuries. They have no place in the 21st century.” This is why, for the last ten years here in Londiani your donations have helped us to run projects for women, such as the Girls for Girls programme, in schools and communities, supporting communities to find alternative rites of passage and support girls in every way.

The President could only stay for two days but in a very short time has put the spotlight on some important issues. Our work in Londiani will continue for many more years with your support. To find out more about our programmes click here »

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