Being a teenager – menstruation matters

26 May 2015

Menstrual HygieneAs women, we all know that periods are nothing to be ashamed of and it’s one of the many trials we face when we change from a girl into a young woman.

After the initial shock of having your first period, most girls will carry on with their daily lives supported by friends, family and a whole host of hygienic products to help them get through the day.

But not in Kenya and many parts of the world. Here both girls and women face a huge challenge each month and are forced to miss school or work. They often lack basic products that we take for granted and menstruation is seen as a taboo subject, meaning that many girls are often forced to stay at home.

Can you imagine living your life that way? Not having any menstrual hygiene products to use and having to miss sport, school, work or even meeting up with your friends. Imagine how far behind you’d be in your school work if you missed one week of lessons every month.

You can help us make life much better for girls in Kenya. The Girls for Girls programme here in Londiani aims to reduce the stigma attached to menstruation and enable girls to go to school and women to engage economically.

Follow this link to find out more about our work.

Menstrual Hygiene Day takes place on 28 May 2015. If you want to get involved use the hashtag #menstruationmatters