Celebrations to mark our new name

03 January 2017

We wanted to share some pictures from a fantastic celebration we had with our staff and board in Kenya – launching the new Brighter Communities Worldwide brand at our Christmas lunch.

blog images/main/BCWlaunchcelebration
There was so much excitement in the air when the team walked into the “launch room”.  We were all delighted, cheering and clapping and celebrating the next stage in our journey as an organisation. Chief Executive Martin Ballantyne gave a presentation on the achievements of 2016 and the future for Brighter Communities Worldwide. The clapping, excitement and emotion was incredible.  We have a proud team here in Kenya, a strong team, and one that is working together to bring real change to communities here in Kenya and now in Uganda!
It’s been a long few weeks here with various programme reports and getting ready for a new year ahead. Charity Co-Founder Maria Kidney said: "Today was incredible – I’m not sure if I have words to describe it.  One of those days where it is a privilege to do what we do and experience all that we do here in Kenya. It has been an incredible journey, but today has made it all worth it.  It is the right direction for us as an organistion, and we are now at the next level – thanks to you all our staff, supporters and volunteers." 
Thank you from all of us here in Kenya and in Ireland. Happy New Year to you all!

blog images/main/BCW banner launch