Don’t forget to tweet!

16 September 2014

One day to go. Please join us tomorrow (we’ll be tweeting at regular intervals) in asking the returning TDs at the Dail to protect the overseas aid budget.
If you’re seeking inspiration, ActNow 2015, which is trying to get the government to keep its promise to invest 0.7 per cent of national income in overseas aid by 2015, has sent us some ideas for tweets you might like to pass on to your TD (or even the Taoiseach or the minister responsible for ODA) on Wednesday. The aim, of course, is to remind the government that we, and most of the Irish people, don’t approve of a drastically declining overseas aid budget.

These are, of course, only suggestions. Please do send your own (polite but to the point) tweets if you prefer. However, these are, we have to admit, pretty good:

  • The majority of the public support our aid promise. Will you keep it? #Budget2015
  • 75% of people agree that people in Ireland have an obligation to invest in ODA. #Budget2015
  • 77% of people feel it is important for Ireland’s reputation that we keep our aid promise.
  • I support our aid promise; please stop the aid cuts.
  • In Budget 2015, will you support our aid promise? #Budget2015
  • I am part of the 75%. Will you listen to the silent majority that supports more and better aid? #Budget2015
  • UN chief Ban Ki Moon: “Cutting aid will not balance your budget, but it will hurt the poorest & most vulnerable on earth.” #Budget2015

But the 17th isn’t the last word on the subject for this session of the Dail. We’re inviting residents of Dublin or Cork (or anyone able to get to those areas) who may fancy helping to spread awareness of the (positive) impact of overseas aid to distribute the World’s Best News newspaper on the 26th. Find out more at here for Dublin or here for Cork. Read all about it on Facebook or Tumblr.
And don’t forget to tweet tomorrow!