Global Goal 7 - Affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

20 July 2016

Goal Seven aims to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

This is a new goal and an important one for Londiani and Kipkelion where 65% of the population have no access to electricity – they cook by lighting fires fuelled with wood; they read by the light of paraffin or solar lamps – but mostly the day revolves around sunrise and sunset – once the light is gone there is no further chance to read or do homework. Lamps powered by solar batteries are very common now in the households where we work and where the majority of families do not have electricity in their homes. The aim is to completely replace the use of non-renewable sources of energy, such wood, coal and charcoal, with renewable alternatives by 2020.  

Smokeless stoves

One of our most successful projects has been providing and helping to fit smokeless stoves.

Working with the Public Health Office locally, we install smokeless stoves in homesteads as an alternative to the traditional three stone fire. Most cook over open fires which are a serious health hazard as smoke inhalation causes respiratory illnesses and problems with eyes.  Women and children under five years are especially at risk as they are the people who spend much of their day in the kitchen – the risk of injury through burns on open fires is also huge. 

The smokeless stove design includes a chimney which extracts the smoke from the kitchen. It is also far more economical in it’s use of timber which is the main source of fuel in rural Kenya.  Collection of sticks for the fire is traditionally the job of girls and women. By reducing the amount of timber required for cooking, the girls and women can spend less time collecting and more time at school or in their homes getting on with other tasks and making further improvements for their families.