Book Review by Schools in Kenya

21 August 2015

A Review of Gifted Hands

The Friends of Londiani Schools network brings together secondary schools in Ireland and Kenya to share ideas and experiences. One of the most recent activities, funded by Irish Aid’s WorldWise Global Schools, was to exchange book and film reviews. 

Students at the Moi Sorget School in Kenya have been reading the inspirational story of Ben Carson, who is running for nomination to the US Presidency. After growing up in poverty, Carson has been idolised by many young African Americans for his achievements in education and his dedication to becoming successful.

One of their teachers Daniel Muhika wrote this review after reading Gifted Hands the story of Ben Carson’s life. 

“Looking at the cover of the book one wonders what’s happening and even the students were inquisitive; what has gifted hands got to do with them? But having gone through this book I knew they could not afford to miss this and we inspired them to read. Barely had they read more than 10 pages and the whole attitude towards everything changed. The mood in the school compound also was tranquil and you could feel that they were up to something better, something big. 

The story about Ben Carson has been so inspiring and has pushed most of the students to believe in themselves and push for greater heights. Though poor and divorced from their dad Bennies and his brother and mother stopped at nothing to make their dreams come true. Most of the students also here come from low level families and I was particularly impressed by this student by the name of Livondo who is in form four, he promised that he would rise up just like Bennie did and stand up for his family lost in the jungle of poverty. A whole lot of them have been soo promising and we look forward to greater stuff. 

"Hard work, love and faith are major ingredient to success without a doubt.” That was Njenga’s report after relating Ben’s success to the sacrifice he made when they agreed together with his mother that they would cut time of watching TV and study as well as going to the library on weekends.

Besides, it is clear that the help accorded by parents to their children either emotionally, physically is of paramount important, Sonya Carson stood for her kids and motivated them to work hard despite the difficulties and this has been so inspiring to our students. Most said they lack this key guidance and we will be working together with the parents to see a way forward of motivating our capable and talented students. 

Generally, the book “gifted hand” is a wonderful of blessing to our institution and we are more than humbled for having thought about us. In fact we lack words to express our gratitude. May the almighty bless you the Friends of Londiani for your undying help and support.We look forward to greater things and changes in our institution."


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