Are you ready for November Harambee?

02 July 2014

Before November Harambee starts, as we mentioned in our previous blog, there’s a volunteer training programme that will give you some idea of what to expect. It can’t perfectly replicate the experience of being on the ground in Londiani but it does offers strong support to teams preparing for this life-enhancing – even life-changing – experience.

The programme extends to a brief follow-up after the trip as well, taking up a four-day period overall. You’ll get a lot more information when you apply but here’s a very brief summary. There will be background information on community development and Kenya’s Healthy Village Programme. There will also be information more specific to the requirements of you and your group, including team-building and cultural awareness. In addition numerous practical and administrative issues will be addressed, such as fundraising support, volunteer health and first aid, what to bring with you and any specific skills training you require for the work you may be doing.

In the past a number of volunteers have been inspired to continue or contribute to the work they have done after their overseas placement, so there will also be opportunities for remaining engaged with development beyond Harambee itself.

In short, this is a comprehensive (and, it should be said, compulsory) training programme for all volunteers travelling to Kenya. It also includes details on Friends of Londiani’s policies and safe practices to which all volunteers are required to adhere. You should also to be willing to be Garda-vetted.

There’s some on-site training too. On arrival in Kenya, the group will stay in a hotel for one day’s preparation and training and then travel to the project site. After that, it’s two or three weeks of non-stop activity and a move from hotel accommodation to slightly more basic dormitories and tents until the end of the project. Finally there’s another one-night hotel stay and debriefing sessions (plus optional tourist activities). You can certainly add on travel time before and after the stay but will have to let us know very soon as that may change the ticket arrangements.

What next? Well, as we said last week, if you’re keen to go in November – or in future years – find out more here or drop us a line at

But before that, a good place to research the experience is right here. Our October and November archives from last year contain blogs from Harambee teams, blogs that capture the hard work, excitement, challenge and sheer fun of Harambee. And, of course, the difference it makes – and will continue to make.