FOL celebrates Africa Day – May 25th

24 May 2010
Africa Day is the official day of the African Union and marks African unity. It is an opportunity to celebrate African diversity and success, and join Africans around the world in highlighting the cultural and social energy of the continent. The "Road to Londiani" is a 28 minute radio documentary by Stuart Bobbett that explores how an Irish charity effectively works to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and how monies donated are efficiently managed, bringing sustainable development through water, health and education projects. In July 2009, Stuart traveled to meet the communities who have worked with the Irish volunteers since 2002. Focusing on the peoples day-to-day lives, Stuart interviewed both Kenyans and Irish about the water, health and education projects they were undertaking together. This documentary captured the essence of the partnership approach of Friends of Londiani whilst providing volunteers with an amazing opportunity to feel the warm welcome in Londiani whilst seeing the Great Rift Valley. The documentary will be played on 16 radio stations around Ireland on May 25