FOL is delighted to launch its 2012 Exclusive Starfish Jewellery!

07 November 2012
2012 has been a special year for Friends of Londiani and to round it out and bring us into the next ten years, we have an exclusive piece of jewellery for you. The starfish story on YouTubeThe Starfish Story tells of a man walking along a beach who sees a young boy throwing starfish into the sea. When criticised by the man for the futility of trying to make a difference to the 100’s of starfish on the 100’s of beaches around the world, the boy simply picks up a starfish, throws it into the sea and says “I made a difference to that one!” This story has motivated many of our 400 volunteers who have travelled to Kenya with us over the last 10 years and has inspired this exclusive jewellery piece. FOL is delighted to team up with Don O Mahony, Master Engraver & Jeweller, who handcrafted the starfish in his Cork workshop. Each starfish is made from sterling silver and can come as a chain or bracelet and is presented in a handmade banana-fibre box made in Kenya. The story of the box in itself is an ode to the Starfish Story as the young man, James Njoroge, who makes them in his workshop in Nairobi is delighted to partner with FOL and have his products in Ireland – learn more. Don O Mahony has also designed a very special enamelled piece which shows the starfish both on the sand and in the sea. This piece is a beautiful way to commemorate our 10th year of partnerships between Ireland and Kenya and will be made to order. The jewellery is also set to be a big hit on social media sites thanks to two girls from Northern Ireland, Rian & Rose Connolly. They designed a video and comic strip to accompany the story and The Frames gave permission for their song ‘Star Star’ to be used in the video. Keep an eye out for it and pass it on to all your friends. The video of FOL’s Starfish Story is on YouTube and can be seen here. In FOL, we believe, we can all Make A Difference. And this jewellery can help us do just that. Each piece – a bracelet or necklace – will make beautiful Christmas presents with all proceeds helping to make a difference in the lives of children in Londiani, Kenya. Prices begin at €50 for these exclusive sterling silver pieces. Order now and we will deliver by registered post within 3 weeks. Collection is also available from FOL office. To buy this Exclusive Starfish Jewellery – click here. There are many options available – with silver chains, coloured leather necklaces and bracelets. Each one is made to order so get in touch now to order YOUR STARFISH.
Starfish commemorative piece