From building businesses to building latrines!

27 June 2014

As we promised last week, in today’s blog we’re going to tell you a bit more about applying for the November Harambee. The smokeless stoves project that we’ve been discussing recently is just one of a challenging but exhilarating set of tasks you could be helping with this year as part of one of our teams. They include assisting with wilderness first aid courses, helping with business and lifeskills training, getting involved with numerous health improvement projects - such as helping mothers-to-be, building smokeless stoves and even building latrines! - and working on sustainable tourism projects. But you won’t be starting from scratch. Throughout the year, staff and volunteers in Kenya work on community development programmes on the ground that tackle a wide range of issues. What the Friends of Londiani volunteer programme offers is the opportunity to step on board with these communities and work alongside them in a spirit of partnership. You will share your skills and your knowledge with them but you will also gain a unique insight into the problems of an area very different from your own - and an insight into how those problems can be solved. You can choose from a three-week or a two-week option, both beginning on the 1st of November. Before Harambee starts, however, there will be a four-day volunteer training programme. We’ll tell you more about that next week. If you can’t wait that long, find out more here or contact us by email at And don’t be deterred if the dates don't suit you this time round. If you’re keen to help out in future Harambees that’s also the address to contact.