Harambee and Friends of Londiani information events: dates announced

14 February 2014

Some of you may be hoping to join us on this year’s Harambee projects. Others may just want to find out more about Friends of Londiani and how you can help us here or in Kenya. Well, we now have dates for two information events that should answer some of your questions. The first, in the Cork area, is on Thursday the 27th of February. It takes place from 7.30pm to 9pm at the Friends of Londiani office in Midleton (number 4 the Crescent, Millbrook, Mill Road, to be precise). The other event is in Dublin at the Irish Aid Centre, 27-31 Upper O’Connell Street. This one is on Saturday the 8th of March and takes place from 2pm to 4pm. There’s more information about Irish Aid at http://www.dci.gov.ie/get-involved/irish-aid-volunteering-and-information-centre/ and more about us right here on this website, although you can also get in touch through info@friendsoflondiani.com. This is a great opportunity — and not just for prospective volunteers. This is our chance to tell people in person about Friends of Londiani, what we do and why what we do matters. We’re especially looking forward to sharing information on the Harambee projects and answering any questions from prospective volunteers. We do hope to see lots of you there! There will (of course) be reminders and further information here and on other social media during the next two weeks but, in the short term, if you want to find out more about Harambee, dates, costs, schedules, training and how to apply, that information is at http://www.friendsoflondiani.com/getinvolved.php?id=248. And if you want to get an idea of how it feels to be on the ground in Londiani, then do check our October and November 2013 blogs, some of which were written not by us but by volunteers. They give a pretty accurate idea of the extraordinary experience that is Harambee.