How a lot of retail therapy can help a lot of good causes

28 October 2013
We can’t really be blamed for returning to Deal Effect so soon after our last blog on the site whose daily deal offers include the guarantee of 11 per cent going back to selected Irish charities. After all, the site’s iPad competition ends today (Monday the 28th of October) so you just have time to have a go at winning (at And of course the site is officially launched (and the competition winner is chosen) tomorrow. But if you don't win - or leave it late - we hope the motivation of helping charities when you go to a concert or stay at a hotel, or make any number of other purchases that the site can enable, will be enough for you to sign up. By the way, if there isn’t quite the news media fanfare you'd expect at the launch of what is a ground-breaking concept that’s because tomorrow is what the marketing fellows call a soft launch: a low-key launch of the site to see what works and what doesn't. The full public launch is on the 11th of November when we can expect much more coverage - especially if publicity from groups like FOL, The Wheel, Muscular Dystrophy Ireland, Epilepsy Ireland and more of the founding and soon-to-join members encourages a lot of sign-ups. And a lot of sign ups is a good thing - but not just because it helps a good cause. There’s a sound business case to be considered too: it’s about volume. If many people get involved more businesses and services will also take part, there will be more special offers, and more money will come to FOL and other charities. In the light of recent budget cuts to overseas aid, a bright idea that could boost development aid investment is welcome news. It’s not going to stop us lobbying the government to keep its promise on spending 0.7 per cent of national income on overseas aid by 2015, but any new revenue-raising venture that helps to secure extra funds in good times as well as bad should also be encouraged. If you agree, do please let other people know; the success of DealEffect is solely down to us all working together to spread the word.