Keep on running — and cycling!

30 January 2014

We promised — you might even say threatened — to suggest more events that combine fundraising and fitness in the coming year for anyone unable to get to the Flora Women’s Marathon. So for those of you (and especially men!) who have a good excuse not to be there but would like to help Friends of Londiani and get fit at the same time, here are not one but three other possibilities. Firstly there’s the Connemarathon, which, as road race names go, is fairly self-explanatory. It’s also the most imminent major event (it takes place on the 6th of April) and very popular, as visitors to that exceptionally scenic area will understand. So if you think a beautiful background will be an encouragement to do 26 miles (there are also half marathons and 39-mile ultra marathons on offer), do sign up soon at And please remember Friends of Londiani when sponsorship is mentioned! We have many supporters in the area and the Mayo General Hospital is linked with Londiani District Hospital, so the backing of some west of Ireland well-wishers — or even a team — would be ideal. Do let us know if you think that’s a possibility. Much further afield is the equally challenging — and possibly even more scenic — June 22 – 28 Atlantic to Mediterranean cycling trip. It’s a holiday as well as a fairly demanding five-day cycle ride, so the fees are accordingly higher than for a single road race. However, it’s a genuinely stunning route and the trip is run by experienced and enthusiastic cyclists, which may explain why there’s a lot of interest. And, as the organisers have told us, these cycling challenges are designed with fundraising for charity in mind. You can find out more at Finally, and specifically for those women among you who want to run a modest distance and fundraise but can’t get to the Flora event, don’t despair. The Western People West of Ireland Women’s Mini Marathon takes place on Sunday the 4th of May at 12 noon. Starting and finishing at the Mall in Castlebar, Co. Mayo, it’s another 10k event. You can find out about it As ever, let us know if you need materials, promotion or advice to support your fundraising efforts for Friends of Londiani. And, if you do decide to run, jog, walk or cycle with Friends of Londiani in mind — or just plan to support people who will — thank you.