Raising awareness — everywhere

03 April 2013
Readers of our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/londiani) will have noticed a brief alert about an exhibition of paintings exploring women’s empowerment (it’s tomorrow! See http://www.comhlamh.org/celebrate-our-she-roes.html). That show is far from the only event happening or imminent at the moment that is relevant to FOL concerns. Also in Dublin, where the exhibition is taking place, you can (again) mix culture and insight at the UCD Volunteers Overseas Film Series. Five documentaries will be shown during April on topics such as water, overpopulation and climate change, each followed by a Q&A session. More on that at www.facebook.com/ucdvo. But it’s not just about Dublin, or indeed Cork, where FOL is headquartered. Important discussions and events are happening all over Ireland. For example, we’ve just received information about some upcoming lectures and workshops regarding community-engaged research at the Community Knowledge Initiative, National University of Ireland, Galway. These stimulating — and relevant — events are open to all. The first of these is a lunchtime lecture on the 10th of April looking at the meaning and importance of democracy. It’s followed on the 11th by a day-long Workshop on Community-based Research. The workshop examines the practical issues involved in establishing and sustaining community-university research partnerships. Giving it a global feel, a guest speaker will offer case studies on food security and homeless or street-involved women from Canada’s University of Victoria. A little closer to home, albeit at the same venue on the 17th of April, will be a lunchtime overview of CARL at UCC — or, in everyday language, of Community-Academic Research Links at University College Cork. There’s an impressive line-up of speakers and a lot of insight on offer, so we’re recommending you book well before the event (via mary.bernard@nuigalway.ie) or find out more at http://www.nuigalwaycki.ie. And let us know if your group, educational establishment or organisation is discussing or promoting any events happening in Ireland that could be of interest to FOL members and supporters; exchange of ideas and information can be of benefit within and beyond these shores.