Your weekend could be a real education!

16 April 2013
Our third example of the good work you will be supporting by your presence at the Gathering at the Clarion Hotel comes from a community that benefited from our education bursary scheme. The speaker had no choice but to work on the land after her father died and her mother could no longer pay her school fees. “One day a nice lady called Esther was passing by. She asked me what I was doing working in the farm. When I told her she went to talk to my mother. Esther explained that FOL existed and that they might be able to help. I begged my mum to let me go to talk to FOL. Esther arranged transport to talk to the FOL office. We went together. “FOL talked to ME, and not just my mum. They asked me how old I was, and how much money we owed. We owed 5000 shillings. Outside the office, Mum and I prayed. They were kind to me, they didn’t ask for anything in return. They gave me a form to fill in, which I needed to get the Chief to approve, and then get the head teacher to agree. So many forms! So many people to convince. But FOL is trusted, and the Chief and the Head Teacher agreed to let me back to school because they knew the cheque would be coming. “The Head Teacher prayed for me that I would go to university and be a role model for others. My mother was very happy. I am back at school and happy. My mum now knows there is support in the community and she needs to find friends there. I will stay at school, I want to go on studying, I will marry later than if I had stayed on the farm, my babies will be healthier because I am older, and I will make a difference in my community. “With FOL there is hope.” Every year, FOL supports approximately 300 students through payment of school fees, purchasing uniforms and books. And funds raised on April the 20th at the FOL Gathering will help us to publicise and continue that work.